Advertising Myth #1
The Client is always right

Assuming this myth is a reality, then why would the client spend on advertising?

They spend because they want the opinions, work and strategies of experts.
And experts always question.
Before we begin work, many of our clients seem to know exactly what they want. Of course fonts, colours, visuals are many times bound by brand guidelines. But questions like What to communicate, Who to talk to, What to say, The choice of models are best answered by mutual discussions.
We understand the brand is a client's baby and they want the best for it. But then even parents have to visit a pediatrician rather than self medicate.

Therefore, our work must begin with questions. Questions. And lot of questions.
The agency and the client are a team and only when they work together can the brand move forward.
This is how great brands are built. This is how success stories are written. Brands like Volkswagen, Oreo, Timberland, Accenture, Fevicol, Cadbury, Tanishq remain timeless examples of healthy partnership between client and agency.
Unfortunately to make lives easier, many advertising agencies simply work on what the client says.
What's even more unfortunate is, it is becoming a trend.
The result? We can barely recall most of the ads and designs produced today.
An advertising agency that is true to its profession, will always do what is right for the brand. Even if it means fighting for your ideas and convincing the client.
The question remains: Are we brave enough to do it?

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